Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The How And Why

If you look at this picture closely, you will realize why I chose the name Two Megapixel Food for this blog. I don't have a fancy camera. I don't even have a point and shoot and no, its not because am poor, it's never really figured in my list of things to buy. But, I have always loved food and experimenting with food so I decided what the heck! I can make do with my crappy phone.

I have taken inspiration from my mom, who's a trained chef and am sure she's embarrassed by my apparent lack of culinary skills. Reading food blogs is my favorite thing to do!

By day, am a freelance writer and by night, sometimes by evening, I am transformed into an experimental cook who ends up spoiling a lot of things. My food may not look fancy but ends up tasting nice most of the time.

PS: This picture is of an Indian style cookie made with all purpose flour, gram flour and semolina with cardamom and almond flavors. It tasted nice but it was too hard. I think I broke my teeth in the process too.

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