Monday, June 6, 2011

Why I Have Been Missing

Way too busy with work. Unrelenting heat and who can cook in this heat! The weather SUCKS. 

This doesn't mean I haven't been cooking. There have been some mega disasters, like this delicious looking mutton which was to be cooked in a paste of red chillies but the chillies made it..erm, unpalatable. I still managed to save it by throwing out the super spicy gravy and making something else.

The end result was really good but it wasn't what I had initially planned. 

No baking adventures or misadventures but I am making Focaccia bread tomorrow. Let's see how that turns out!

In other news, I baked my first batch of decorated cookies, inspired from the super awesome Bake at 350 blog. I think they are pretty good for my first attempt and they tasted amazing - soft, melt in the mouth cookies. 

I think I should have chosen a better background. These are vanilla sugar cookies decorated with royal icing. Some sprinkles would have been nice. 

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