Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Breakfast Marathon

When it comes to breakfast, thinking of a new recipe every day can be challenging. Since I am nowhere close to my weight loss goals, I have no option but to torture you with healthy recipes. NO MORE CAKES till I reach my goal weight (still nine kilos to go!).

If you think about it, paranthas are healthy in a way - just skip the butter and oil. People who know me know that I cannot leave butter but I have managed to reduce my butter consumption by at least 75%.

I tried exercising too - 30 minute to hour long walks with a bit of running but I had to give it up 'cos of a terrible muscle spasm. These days, its just too humid to even think of stepping outside so the only option is to lose weight by eating healthy and doing some kind of indoor exercises. Its time to find my jumping rope.

Here's what I am going to do this week - every day, I will share a breakfast recipe that is healthy and packed full with nutrition so you have something interesting to eat besides cereal and oatmeal. Sounds good right? These are the seven recipes that I will be sharing:
  • Moong Dal Chila
  • Onion Uthapam - made with brown rice
  • Scrambled Eggs
  • Carrot Theplas
  • Low Fat Upma
  • Low Fat Poha
  • Multi Grain Sandwiches
Meanwhile, make some of these amazing breakfast idlis or try my version of vermicelli.


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